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When I was a kid, I used to always look forward to my family's annual trip to the west coast of Florida for Christmas. Besides being able to swim on Christmas day, which was so awesome for a girl growing up in NJ, I always found myself in awe of the beautiful Florida sunsets. My mom would capture these wonderfully colorful sunsets on her camera and I remember two particular sunsets that hung on our wall back at home. These photos were the first that I ever came to really appreciate and I admired my mom's talent. When I was about 16, I decided I wanted to try photography out. I got my first digital camera for Christmas and it would only take about 5 photos before the battery went dead. Through the years, I became the designated photographer of my group of friends and by the time my son was born I had purchased a DSLR camera and became determined to capture all the best moments and milestones of my babies. 

Clients have told me they can see my passion and enthusiasm for the art when I'm taking their pictures to get that perfect shot. Photography truly brings me so much joy!

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